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School Regulations

The Principal may expel a student from the school, should the student’s conduct, behaviour, or influence on others in the opinion of the Principal, be detrimental to general discipline/interest of the school.

Conditions for expulsion
A student who fails in a class for two successive years or fails twice in three years will be withdrawn by order of the Principal.
Any student caught cheating or using unfair means during the examination/test may not only be given zero in the subject concerned, but an incident of this nature may lead to his/her expulsion by the Principal.
In case a student stops attending school without any information to the school authorities, his/her name will be struck off the rolls, 20 days after he/she stops attending the school.

Parents responsibility
Parents are required to co-operate with the School in developing their children into balanced, progressive, morally strong and effective youth, by helping their children to observe the general code of conduct in and outside the school. Misbehaviour in the School is dealt with by the Discipline Committee of the School. In case of gross misbehaviour, the committee recommends issue of Yellow or Red Cards. Recurrence of such acts leads to expulsion of the defaulting student from the School. However, punishment is administered only with a view to correct the defiant behaviour of the child. The Principal has the right to refuse continuation of studies to any pupil whose conduct is unsatisfactory. Students who habitually keep indulging in
misbehaviour despite repeated warnings and continuous efforts by school teachers/counsellors to improve upon their behaviour will not be enrolled/admitted in the School during the following academic session. The warning in this regard will be given to parents well in advance to seek admission in some other school.

Students wil be liable for punishment and award of Yellow/Red conduct cards for continued indisciplined behaviour.

Striking the names of the rolls
The name of the student may be struck off the rolls by the Principal of the school on account of non-payment of fees and other dues after the last day fixed for payment.

Examinations & preparations:
The School prepares the students
for I.C.S.E. Examination (at the end of class X)
I.S.C. Examination (at the end of class XII)

Preparing the students for the Cambridge School Certificate or IB is under consideration.
Annual examinations in all classes are held in March.
Cumulative assessment of the whole year’s work is considered for promotion.

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